8 Mile is a pretty damn good flick. And Eminem is pretty good in it. He’s also pretty fearless in front of a camera though while I own his music I don’t know if the guy is dead serious about art or pulling the wool over a gentleman’s eyes.

Either way, it’s an entertaining ride.

Emimen apparently has a production company. Well, so do half the people reading this. It’s not an achievement. Except when it’s Eminem. Yahoo says that the rapper/mogul may possibly step before the camera again in Random Acts of Violence, a film his team has developed to a point apparently ready for filming.

It makes sense for Mr. Mathers to be evolving this way. How long can he be what he is to his industry? It’s a real difficult thing to do, stay relevant. I have no idea what the film’s about but I’d expect it to be something unlike The Blind Side.

That makes me smile.

Source: Yahoo.