The horse in The Ring remake that got defeated off the barge and then fell into drowning waters and then got rammed by the barge? It died like five times in that amazing horse-killing scene.

But that dead horse doesn’t hold a candle to the the deadest horse in the stable: Ghostbusters III.

Between the big (and useless) Bill Murray debate, Dan Ackroyd bringing it up every few months just to get people writing about it [yes I am aware of the irony of my typing that], and the strangely loyal fan base, Ghostbusters is still somehow an A-List franchise despite having one and a half decent films and a few decent video games to show for itself.

Now it’s Ivan Reitman’s turn to stir the pot. Apparently the script is done for the third film and it has been sent to Bill Murray. Reitman makes a point to say that the internet has it wrong and Bill Murray hasn’t read it yet.

Think Mr. Reitman’s fingers are crossed that Bill’s going to read that script in perfect weather at the perfect time while getting a massage and drinking his favorite drink while his favorite song plays? Maybe Murray will glance at a section of his mansion that was paid for by residuals from the first film. Maybe Murray will smile and think of the legal feud between Ray Parker Jr. and Huey Lewis. Maybe he’ll long for some more quiet time in his trailer or in Ernie Hudson’s not a trailer.

Bill Murray was a funny man trying to make it as an actor when the first films were made. He was rich but a wildcard. Now he’s built what has to be considered a legendary career that veers from hard drama to soft comedy effortlessly and with often critical and commercial success.

In the past twenty-one years Reitman has directed eight movies and at least six of them were dogshit. And one of the other two is Six Days, Seven Nights.

The odds of this script being good enough to shoot are high. Did you see Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade? The bar is low. The odds of it being good enough to (with the help of many digits) lure Bill Murray back into the jumpsuit are less good but it’s still possible.

But the odds of all this time having passed and all these bullshit rumors having happened for the film to be worth the hubub? That’s a bet I wouldn’t be taking.

Source: Yahoo