The Cosmic Cube figures prominently in Captain America: The First Avenger. It’s cosmic and it’s powerful and The Red Skull (Hugo Weaving) has plentiful Nazi plans involving it.

So does Vincenzo Natali.

But it’s a cube and therefore square and boring. But, someone got a picture of it from the new issue of SFX (They’re still around? Good for them!) and it’s made its way onto the internet so by golly let’s all peek at it. Thank you to the always reliable and helpful Brian Henne for the link to Superhero Hype!’s Message Boards where this square item was waiting:

Yep. It’s a cube alright. That is so cubular it hurts.

I’m actually really amped for this movie since it’s the #1 comic book movie I would have wanted to make if given the choice. I love ol’ Cap. I haven’t read his comics for the better part of a decade (I took a break from my comic sabbatical to sort of enjoy The Winter Soldier arc) but there’s something about the dude and his adventures that just works for me. Here’s hoping the odd assortment of people making the movie deliver something better than dogshit.

Man that’s one square cube.