So there is news making the film score circles and the Harry Potter legions freak out. According to Potterish, they have received confirmation from WB Brazil that the esteemed John Williams will be scoring Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II (yes if you didn’t already know the final HP film is split into two parts). A move that would remove Alexandre Desplat, who is scoring Part 1.

In my opinion this is a dreadful move that is a strong disservice to Desplat. He has been brought in on a project to basically write half of a score to a film. He will not be able to fully realize any of his music because he won’t be able to write the second half of the score. None of the other production members or post-production members were replaced such as the Cinematographer or Editor. Why should the composer be any different?

Then there is a part of me that wants Williams to score the final HP film. A part that emotionally resonates with Williams coming back to a film franchise that he made indelible. “Hedwig’s Theme” is proof of that. But in the context of the film, I don’t feel that it is right. Director David Yates should have gotten Williams for both parts.

This is still just a rumor, however. I won’t believe this is fact until either Williams, Desplat or Yates confirm this to be true. But I honestly hope it is false. For the good of the films, the burden is upon Desplat to not only use the Williams themes but also create his own themes that can be fully realized in the course of the entire two-part film. The music has a story to tell and should be told by one storyteller, not two.