As I type this I am sat in an empty room* with only a cat for company.

This cat in fact,

his name is Fluffy** and he is the smartest cat in the world.

I first met Fluffy very early on when I was dating my (now) wife. His first act on meeting me was to bite me, not hard but just enough to let me know he was the boss.

I had of course seen Sphinx cats before but this was the first one that didn’t immediately make my skin crawl. I mean seriously, most of them look like they are Aliens pretending to be cats and waiting for the right moment to bite your throat out. But Fluffy was different, for one thing he almost looks normal and for another after the first bite he befriended me and has been my cat ever since. Much to the annoyance of my wife (who bought and named him) I might add.

Over the years I have had my share of pets and naturally formed a bond. They bring you joy and amuse you more than they should but ultimately they die long before you do and it always sucks.  Sometimes you form a special bond which makes their death harder and so after my last dog died I told myself I would not get attached to another animal.

Fluffy of course had other ideas.

He has become my constant companion, so much so that I have had to put a cushion on my desk so that he can sleep their when I’m on the computer or Xbox. He follows me everywhere and is more needy than any child I have ever come across.

He is also more work than any other pet. Because he has no fur you have to clean his ears regularly and he needs a bath every other week, not to mention the heated pads needed to stop him freezing to death in the winter and the fact he can’t go into a cattery (like a normal cat) when we go on holiday, so we have to pay extra to have someone come to the house to look after him. 

Then of course there is the fact he chews cables if he is in a bad mood (normally if I have gone out for any reason), or he picks on the other two cats simply because he feels like it. In short he is a little git.

However he is also way smarter than he should be. If I am ill (which has been a lot recently) he will sit beside me purring till I feel better.  If there is something wrong he will get you to follow him Lassie style to the source of the problem, if I am asleep and he can’t wake me he has figured out that by pushing the bedroom door into the en suite shower door it will make a noise loud enough to wake me up. He also play fetch, like a dog and I swear to god can say Yes and No***

Basically if I was a Supervillian I would call him my henchman.

So despite the fact I didn’t want one, I have another pet. One dispite all the trouble he causes, is a source of constant amusement and companionship. So much so I have now spent time writing a blog about him, how sad is that?

Anyway here’s to you Fluffy, you little git.

* I’m moving, I may get around to a blog about that at some point. Probably when it’s already happened.

** I didn’t name him I promise

*** but that is probably due to me being out of work and on my own a lot.