You are going to have to bear with me on this one. I really don’t know how to write. And English is not my first language. So this is going to be a very bumpy ride.

What’s the ride going to be about?. Well, for the past 28 years, i’ve been loving films. Sadly, i live in a part of the world where 10% or less of the films available get released in any format. So i’ve been coasting it. Just watching the big movies in the theater and some art house dvd releases that get noticed on festivals. This past year I bowed to myself I would become a better film fan. And for that, i’ve been tracking down as many classics as I can. You wouldn’t believe the films I hadn’t seen until a few months ago. And let’s not even talk about the ones I still haven’t watched!

So my goal for this blog is to make a weekly recap of the classics i’ve watched and the effect they had on me. Artists I “discover” for the first time and how I will think they are the best thing ever.

I will start shortly, as soon as I can work out the kinks to this blog.

Thank you for reading! All six of you!