It’s amazing how liking your job in some fashion, no matter how small, can impact how long the day feels. As someone who has worked countless 16 hour days, night shifts, and done tons of manual labor, I can honestly say that nothing has ever felt so soul-crushingly long as my current five hour shifts in the fast food industry.

Now, I’ve worked in food before. It’s often a hassle, but rarely have I been this bored. It no doubt helped that at my last food related job, I was either already friends with or quickly befriended my coworkers. That’s not really happening here. I’m just another cog in the deep-fried wheel.

The sad thing is, with today’s job market, I’m of course getting worked much less than I would like. How awfully masochistic of me to actually desire more of that aformentioned crushing of soul. Searching for a second job has proved rather dismal, however, so I’m stuck with what I can get for now. No doubt my sanity thanks me. Who knows how much longer I can stare at an oil vat before snapping and going on a rampage: hurling hot grease at all who stand in my way. It’s only a matter of time…

Oh well, on to something movie related or somesuch!

I watched Final Destination last night! It’s been awhile, so it was nice to see it again. I’m a pretty big fan of the series (the last, disappointing entry notwithstanding). Even the third entry has grown on me over the years, featuring one of my favorite random lines in recent memory: “Fuck you, Ben Franklin.”

Anyway, the first two entries are obviously the standouts of the series, but I’ve always found it funny how Death changes his MO during the film. When we watch our first victim get attacked by the Grim Reaper, he’s quite literally attacked. There is briefly seen shadowy figure/force that not only tightens the wire that strangles him, but also removes evidence from the scene. This never happens again, even in this same film. That shadowy wraith-a-mabob does make one more quick showing, I believe. I suppose they just decided to alter how the deaths would work (for the better), but that seems like an odd decision to make when already into shooting.

I’ll also freely admit that, despite my love of the series, I never have any clue what the people are talking about in regard to Death’s design. “It should have been me, but I saved you, but wait that other guy accidentally stole my luggage so it was his turn, oh no Stifler’s* dead!” And then with 2 Final 2 Destination, we bring babies with magical death negating powers or some shit. I really have no clue. Love that dude being squashed by the glass, though. That was keen.

Hey, I just now remembered that this movie, for a brief period, contains both of the stars of The Forsaken! Remember that movie? Me neither.

Well, I must prepare to go ply the masses with cholesterol. Maybe it’s all part of Death’s design. But if that were the case, my manager would probably be Tony Todd.

i wish my manager was tony todd…

*Like many horror movies, Final Destination has characters named after famous horror film personae. Pretty much everybody, really. But none more prominent than Seann William Scott’s Billy Hitchcock. I swear they go out of their way to drop that name as often as possible. Not as bad as Urban Legends: Final Cut, though. But that’s another, dumber story.