iPhones, Android phones, PS3s… is there anywhere that your time is safe from Angry Birds? No, there isn’t… and it’s just going to get worse.

Electricpig nabbed pictures of a tabletop Angry Pigs game at CES called Angry Birds Knock on Wood, one that allows you to actually launch plastic birds at pigs using a slingshot. And you thought the Wii caused a lot of destruction in your home…

The game is being created by Mattel and will support 2-4 players.  It comes with mission cards that show you how to set up the pigs in various ways and the scores for how many pigs and crates you knock over, as well as a freestyle mode that allows you to go nuts. Will the game lose its charm once you have to clean up your own destruction? Will the pigs come with sound chips so you can hear their terrified squeals?

Well, no to that second point, but the game will cost a mere $14.99 when it hits stores in May.

Check Electricpig for more pics.