Ass. And apparently in keeping with this she’s released some appropriate press photos. I’m hearing a catch phrase like… ‘Putting the Ass Back in Suck Ass Fuck Face…’ or something like that. How did I happen to know Lita Ford had a new album? Am I a member of the fan club?


I was browsing CD’s in a music store the other day when my jaw dropped. At first I thought it was the Hydrocodone but then my eyes caught up to my jaw and I was shocked, literally shocked to see a new Lita Ford album. Really, this is not a joke. Well, heh, I guess it is in a way, once you hear it…

Every once in a while I get the inkling to do one of these blogs about washed up 80’s rockers who still fight for relevance. Usually I start spitting venom, wash it out of my system after a few hundred words and then delete it. I’m a nice guy at heart and I hate to be mean to people. Especially people like 80’s rockers, who have had it pretty dern bad ever since the winter wonderland that was the legwarmer wearin’, Tiffany blarin’, cocaine raring 80’s ended. Think about it: they were riding high on the hog for the better part of a decade before Kurt Cobain came along and put them all out of work. And I mean he put them out of business. Anybody with a little life experience will tell you it’s a difficult thing to carve your own little niche in the world, and in 198whatever if some hot shot record guru gave you a limo, a plate of cocaine and the assurances that you were set for the rest of your life, well… it would suck to have that ripped out from under you. And not just taken away. Those 80’s rockers essentially became the lepers of our time until reality tv and a new generation of ironists decided it was okay to dig them out of their pit, dust them off and parade them around the face of Hollywood again.

It’s not okay. Need proof?

I can’t bring myself to post anything directly here, to even look for video content for that matter. And I hate to add hits to her site, but if you’re really in the mood to have your hatred for bad music revved up, drop by and try to make it through an entire song.

I dare you. And while you’re there, ask Ms. Ford to put some pants on.