January 6

Media: Mad Men, 3 episodes.

Music: Just this little tune.

Comedy: Just watching Florida drivers.

Food: A terrific whole wheat pancake filled with bananas. Leftover ziti and a frozen cannoli from my favorite deli.

Family: Minimal. I was 5 hours away.

Work: Constant CHUD activity + spoke with my manager about a writing possibility.

Art: Nada.

Screenwriting: Nada.

Minutia: It’s a blast to tear ass down the highway with the windows down and cigar smoke billowing behind us, but it holds no candle to watching Rocco and Sofia playing a duet on my Triton.

Activity: Tomorrow.

Shrink’s Chair: My dog unleashed vomit hell on the floor. Maybe he’s nearing the end. Fingers crossed. I’m kidding. A good friend lost his awesome Great Dane, probably not a good thing to wish for bad things to befall my little loud jerk of a dog.

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