January 5
(Note, delayed due to CHUD redesign)

Media: Mad Men, 2 episodes. Demon of the Water.

Music: Played a whole mess of The Budos Band and El Michels Affair for the gents.

Comedy: I played Doug Stanhope’s amazing and brutal Darfur joke for the guys.

Food: Jeff had a sausage biscuit waiting for me when I came downstairs. We had a great lunch at Seaside (beef stew over a gouda grit cake). Dinner was pizza from an Irish place!

Family: Minimal. I was 5 hours away.

Work: We relaunched CHUD. You may have noticed. I aged six years in a day.

Art: Nada.

Screenwriting: Nada.

Minutia: We are still laughing at Andrew’s summation of the Nazi Regime as “awkward”. I won poker, something I seemingly can only accomplish at Jeff’s Destin home. I shot some great footage at the house there for an upcoming video review of an amazing piece of hardware.

Activity: Um… poker?

Shrink’s Chair: Once the site’s all fixed I will be as close to sane as I’m able again.

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