I am now gainfully employed.  Which means that I no longer have as much time as I once did to sit in my apartment watching movies in my boxers.  That’s for the weekends.

So, each thing I choose to watch now has more significance because I have less time.  Which is why, of course, I chose to watch THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK today.  It’s been discussed a number of times on the CHUD boards, and I imagine it has garnered an article or two, but it’s a movie that I grow to like the more I watch it.

The Necromonger thing is obviously rather ridiculous.

Still, the three faced helmet is seriously metal.

Now admittedly the movie’s Space Conan, so the idea of this cult bringing sturm und drang to the galaxy is rather appropriate.  Accusations of Warhammer 40K notwithstanding.  Still, as ridiculous as it is, I have to say that I’m really fond it.  The whole cast really sells the idea to the hilt, from Colm Feore to Karl Urban.  Sure, Thandie Newton’s Lady Macbeth screaming “nooooooo” in her last scene is a bit much, but still.

Let’s face it, when you have a character that’s dressed like a goth Roman S&M dude saying “[t]he Necromonger in me warns you not to go back.  But, the Furyan in me…hopes you won’t listen,” without immediately sounding like a fool, well you really got something there.  I can’t imagine anybody reading that on the page without thinking that it needs the red pen.

Of course, no mention of the movie could miss the swagger of the sleazy merc bounty hunter Toombs as played by the equally swagger-ific Nick Chinlund.  The Star Trek sideburns, the voice, the sweat, ahem…I imagine that that’s partly why the next Riddick movie is going to emphasize the mercs and monsters aspect of the franchise as opposed to the Necromongers.

Lastly, Riddick himself.  Vin Diesel downplays him with a collected badassness, which makes his attempts at one-liners stand out in a bad way.  It’s what hurt him in XXX too.  He’s better when he speaks a bit more monotone and assured and not so obviously to be badass.  We know Riddick is, I don’t need to see a CGI-enhanced trick with the Merman ear of corn dagger.

But that’s really a minor flaw for such a movie.

WTF? Casting: Linus “Batman’s Dad” Roache as The Purifier.

Agree?  Disagree?  Squee over Nick Chinlund over on the boards.