Recently I compiled a list of my top 10 favorite films, in the interest of full disclosure for this blog I have listed them below.

10. Hot Fuzz
9.  Lost in Translation
8.  The Empire Strikes Back
7.  Commando
6.  The Incredibles
5.  Inception
4.  Jaws
3.  Jurassic Park
2.  Raiders of the Lost Ark
1.  Ghostbusters.

Now as a list I think that reflects me and my taste in films pretty well, however it got me thinking, does the list make me a terrible film fan?

The first thing that was pointed out to me was that this list contains no films pre the 1970’s. Now that is not to say I haven’t seen any films from before that era or that I haven’t enjoyed them* it’s just I based the list on one thing, how often do I sit down and enjoy these films.

And that I think is the key here.

Films, like any other art form are subjective. When asked for an opinion on a particular movie there is no right or wrong answer, I genuinely believe that, it’s all subjective. Of course that does not mean we can’t debate the merits (or lack of) a certain film but it does mean that ultimately you are not less of a film fan for hating Ghostbusters, it just means you have no taste** .  I am also not attempting to champion mediocrity, I would take serious issue with someone who, for example, thinks that a film like Epic Movie is in any way good. That is not a differing taste that is simply not understanding anything about movies on any kind of level.

What I am driving at here is this need to belittle someone for there taste or dismiss there opinion because of it, or more often because they haven’t seen a certain classic.  I for example have not seen any of the Godfather movies, this is not because I don’t want to but  because I never got round to it. But thanks to the magical tat bizarre that is a car boot sale I purchased The Godfather box set at the weekend and am looking forward to watching them. But many would argue that I really should have seen them by now to consider myself  a Cinephile.

And with that we have hit the jackpot.

I have said this before but it bears repeating  I think there are two typed of Film Lover. There is the Cinephile, someone who pretty much devotes their life to the art and explores all aspects of it.  And the Film Fan,  someone who loves movies, enjoys watching them but does not have the time to devote to becoming a full fledged Cinephile, this incidentally is the category I feel I fall into.

Now I have heard the argument that you can’t be a lover of film if you don’t fit into the first category, which is quite frankly crap. In any other area of fandom you have degree’s of devotion. Football*** is a great example of this, there are the fans who go to every game, buy every kit and know all the players who have played for the team for the last 20 odd years. Then there is the fan who can only go to home games and watches the away ones on TV, or the fan who can only go to a few games a season (cos the tickets are expensive) or have a job that means they work weekends so he can’t go to the games.  None of these people are any less of a fan of their team, it’s just their personal circumstances are different.

Film lovers are exactlty the same. Time, money and other commitments are a fact of life for most of us. Unless we are lucky enough to be rich, or work as a reviewer we are naturally going to experience less that others, this does not make us bad fans, just normal. I love films but I also love my wife and family, and I enjoy writing and playing video games, all these things take up time and I’m not about to give any of them up to see more movies.

So where has this blog been leading? Simply to this statement:

As geeks we cop enough flack from everyone else, lets not do it to each other for a bunch of very silly reasons.  By all means debate a point of view but don’t go out of your way to humiliate someone…..

….Unless they hate Ghostbusters****

*In fact the 1933 King King, the 1953 Alistair Simm Scrooge and Carry on Screaming almost made it into that list.

**I’m kidding of course.

***Soccer for you Yanks.

****Still Kidding.