Vagina, it’s what’s for dinner.

If you were expecting the be all end all of pussy eating blogs, you’ve come to the wrong place. I’m sure our resident Lothario Dellamorte’s got one cooking but I’m SO not the authority on such matters and if I was, I’d probably keep it to myself anyhow. I’m bashful about such things. Things that involve pulsating pinkness and viscous sensual fluids and throbbing, aching desires coming to a head and the resulting clean-up therein.

Why the eye-grabbing title, then?

Because I am truly baffled by men and their willingness to change everything about themselves simply to keep fucking someone. Or in order to fuck someone. Or in order to feel wanted. Or in order…

Fucking guys. What a bunch of Marys. Guys, for all their posturing, are the fucking biggest pushovers in the relationship department.

Last night I was driving home from a little shopping and spoke to a friend on the phone about a situation involving a relationship and the overriding sense in my head was one of fury. How do people get to a point where they treat the person they’re with so terribly when the simple solution in life is to just let them go? Leaving with grace rather than scorching the Earth upon departure?

Case in point: The insignificant other of the person I was speaking to was willing to change every single thing about who they were, what their hobbies were, their dreams, their goals, whatever it took simply to keep the person who had already moved on from them to a saner, single life.

Does that strike any of you as not only stupid, unnatural, and disrespectful to a person’s inner makeup but also impossible?

You can’t change who you are, especially in order to please someone else. The person you are got you in the door. It also got you booted out of the door. But the bottom line is that putting a different “person” inside the same chassis doesn’t make things better. I don’t care if you’re Adonis, all you’re doing is showcasing a disingenuous being with all of the old baggage inside the same damn package.

No offense, ladies… but you ain’t worth it. No one is. Change has to come organically and over time, but not as a knee-jerk reaction to a failed relationship or enterprise. It’s fake and it’s impossible.

After thinking about this I went over the relationships of my friends over the years and was astounded by how very few of them seemed to stem from something other than two lonely people needing each other, the forcing of square pegs into round holes [not innuendo], and other compromises which left one party having to shitcan a lot of what made them who the were in order to seal the deal.

That’s not love. It’s weakness.

- Nick Nunziata got more comments about his Easter blog yesterday than all of his band’s songs put together. You’d think he’d take that as a sign to ‘give up the music’ but it only reinforces how wrong 99.8% of the world is. Or something.