I saw this trailer
earlier today and it would’ve made me laugh my ass off if I wasn’t in a
movie theater at the time.

An inspirational “underdog” drama? Check.

Based on a true story? Check.

Cast entirely with Academy Award winners and nominees? Check.

The actors spend a lot of time in heavy makeup? Check.

The actors spend a lot of time crying? Check.

Heavy-handed music? Check.

Released late in the year? I’m seeing October 15th, which is close
enough. Check.

I mean… wow. All this movie needs is a Holocaust setting and we’d
have the whole checklist. Even the title is so sappy and pretentious
that it’s practically begging for an Oscar.

Personally, I’ll be keeping an eye on it. I can’t wait to see how
many audience members and Academy voters get suckered into this one.
Though if Hilary Swank gets a nomination over Jennifer Lawrence, I just
might go on a killing spree.