It’s here. It’s big. And it’s not going anywhere soon.

Inception opened in theaters this morning at 12 AM and pretty much
everyone on my contacts list were MIA for 142 minutes. The hype behind
Inception was incredibly well-received. Audiences packed in theaters and
as I type, are still crowding them.

I am visiting Savannah this weekend, so that may be a contributing
factor as to the packed theater. Being a highly artistic city, college
students lined up with the largest smiles across their lightly mustached
faces (Jk, SCAD students. But seriously, razors exist).

I don’t want to say much about the movie, because I’m working on a
review with my good buddy (it’s going to be a pretty great treat for you
guys). Expect it before the weekend is over. Also works out pretty
well, time-wise. I love to avoid spoilers, but with the majority of
audiences only knowing the plot, it’s going to be tough.

So instead, I’ll admit a few reasons why Christopher Nolan created not
only my favorite movie, but his masterpiece:

-His entire career was a build-up for this movie. Every movie had the
key points that are all used during Inception. It’s incredible because
it almost feels like all of his movies are in a series. Not one with
continuing characters and plot, but one with a link of mind-benders. Not
in the sense of twists (although The Prestige is a tornado of twists).
More in the sense of…well, let’s go through the movies. In order:

 o Following: Transformation of the mind/personality.

 o Memento: Loss of memory.

 o Insomnia: Sanity vs. Insanity

 o Batman Begins: Fear

 o The Prestige: Illusion

 o The Dark Knight: Fear, Sanity vs. Insanity & Psychoanalysis

The Dark Knight is a complex one to figure out with it’s main elements
of Nolanology (ya’ like?).

That aside, all of these movies alone are beyond words incredible. But
together, they almost compliment each other like chapters in a book.
Inception is absolutely the last chapter of Nolan’s novel*. Not that
this is his last movie. Just in the sense that Inception combines all of
these elements so perfectly.  God, is it perfect.

A friend of mine said earlier, after seeing Inception:

“It’s a perfect movie. Absolutely flawless.”

It’s a strong, strong comment. But you know what? I’m kind of pissed I didn’t
say it first. I’ve followed Christopher Nolan since Memento and have
told everyone, “This guy is going to explode soon.  He’ll make a movie
that will grab everyone, shake them to the core and leave them
breathless”. Well, ladies and gentlemen:

I warned you.

Coming Soon: Dual Inception Review featuring Alex Tracy.

* Holy hell, If Nolan stopped making movies…