Now, just to clear the air, I’m probably incredibly biased in this blog (more than usual) due to Christopher Nolan having the honor of being my favorite director.

Guys, we’re almost there. It’s Wednesday and we’re only 2 days away from Inception hitting every theater that’s worth existing. The reviews are pouring in and about 95% are extremely positive. The other 5% being anywhere from Pretty-Good to Not-So-Mind-Blowing. What’s really getting me excited is that this sucker has been pumped up beyond belief. There’s an enormous amount of hype behind Inception and this was created before the movie was even finished. And the fact that the critics sat in their theater, expected the hype to deliver and still called it “mind-blowing” is simply remarkable. And quite frankly, I’ve never been more excited.

I’m aware of the plot, but only a little. And believe it or not, I’m on the side of people who know the most (Who haven’t seen it). So how can people be so excited for a movie that they know nothing about? Maybe that’s exactly why they are anticipating it. The reality of it is that little quote that shows up in the beginning of the trailer:

“From the director of The Dark Knight”

Christopher Nolan basically forced Hollywood to hand him the keys to anything he wanted. And it’s perfect. The man deserves it. He has blown at least a thousand minds with each movie he puts out. Even Prestige, his least-acclaimed film so far (his debut movie, Following, aside), is held as a smart look into the profession and complications of  “performance magic”. But the moment Dark Knight hit theaters, Nolan was crowned Mayor of Man-This-Movie-Rules-City. He then was given the ability to make anything he wanted to. And that’s where his childhood kicked in.

Nolan has had the script for Inception written since he was 16 years old. Of course, rewrites have occurred since then. But the fact stays.

And take this in: Inception is the first original Nolan-made movie. He wrote the script and holds the job of directing. Following may be the exception, but I’ll get to that later. Memento was based off of a short-story his brother wrote. Insomnia is a remake. Batman is…well, Batman. The Prestige is based off a novel. and Batman has been covered.

Christopher Nolan is by far one of the best and most innovative directors in the business. He always challenges his audience with brain benders. Memory loss, magic, fear, lack of sleep and in Inception’s case, dreams. All altered states.

Inception proves to be one of the smarter movies of the year and thursday night cannot come sooner.

(I apologize for not being more humorous on this post. I promise, it’s strictly the anxiety ruling out my humor.)