I’ve done some drunken blogging in my time, but my last entry takes the cake. Seriously, I don’t recall how I got downstairs to my current room, let alone writing about whatever pornography was playing on my television last night. From the sound of it, though, it seems like it was pretty exciting stuff.

For the record, I am at my uncle’s house. Going to paint it so it’s more presentable to potential buyers. Not that it isn’t presentable. On a scale from one to ten, my uncle is millionaire. It’s a nice place. I mean, it’s got slot machines, so you know it’s classy.

Stand by Me is playing on TV Land at the moment. This is one of those movies that I own for some reason, but never ever watch. Not a bad movie, I just never feel like looking at it. Fat Jerry O’Connell is fun, though.

You know what else was a good movie? Me neither. There was a nice twenty minute pause after that question mark where I dealt with the serious questioning of what movie may or may not be good. Couldn’t come up with an answer. Might have been anything. Probably not Klute, though.

Just hit the recall button on the remote to see just what kinda filth I was viewing last night. Current progaming appears to be called 10 Best: Tight Teens. VH1 could stand to learn a lesson from this kinda list program. A couple of these girls could really liven up any future installments of I Love the 80s.

Well, I should probably get up at some point. Head may be throbbing, but that’s no excuse not to clean up a boat. Perhaps I’ll clean it by driving it around the lake. There’s water there. Should work.