2 weekends ago, I went on a trip to San Antonio. It was my first trip in a while, and I just needed it. Funny that the start ended up being forced. My friend Rolando and I were supposed to leave early Saturday since my other friend, Dannis was supposed to work part of Saturday, and had Monday off.

It was planned out like that. Then Friday afternoon Dannis text me that he had been wrong. He didn’t have Monday off, it was Saturday. I called Rolando and told him that we were going to have to get going ASAP to make it later in the evening since Dannis would be at work until 6.

After I picked up Rolando, we headed to San Antonio and got there around 10. Having only had small snacks, Dannis took us to a Carl’s Jr. THEY WERE HAVING A BIRTHDAY PARTY WITH KARAOKE. It was LOUD. I had a huge headache from driving for 4 hours, and this wasn’t helping any. We had a few laughs about it, since the singing was damn terrible. We headed back to Dannis’ apartment and helped him sort out some stuff, since he hadn’t had a chance to clean. Then we saw The Hurt Locker. Dannis has just gotten a Blu-ray player, and this became his first Blu-ray. Of course The Hurt Locker is a fine way to be introduced to HD, and if you haven’t seen it, SEE IT.

Got up around 11 on Saturday, and in Dannis’ car we headed on our quest to hit every Half Price Books in the San Marcos/Austin/ Round Rock area. We achieved that within the day. I also got to finally eat Arby’s for the first time in about a decade. There used to be an Arby’s 2 towns over, but it closed down, and I’d been missing it. Got to eat it, and it also happened to be near the San Marcos Half Price Books, as well as across from a Hastings Books/Music/Movies store.

We sadly didn’t get to go to the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, but we went to all the Half Price Books, and a Goodwill that was near one. Not bad considering when we started out, that there was a traffic jam and we were held up for about 25 minutes. Saturday night we ate Domino’s pizza and watched the excellent movie, And The Band Played On about how AIDS became known and doctors (Among them, Matthew Modine, and my favorite French actor Tcheky Karyo) who do everything in their power to have the knowledge go public and have people informed so that it doesn’t become an epidemic(I suggest anyone who reads this blog to see it. It’s a truly powerful story with some other pretty big name actors like Richard Gere, Steve Martin, and Ian McKellan showing up)

Then we spent the remainder of the night talking and setting up Dannis with a Facebook account. We went to bed pretty damn late too. 

Sunday was spent hitting up the Half Price Books there in San Antonio, and then we went back to Dannis with some Chinese Take Out and saw a vhs episode from Star Trek: The Animated Series. (He found the entire series for cheap on vhs) Rolando and I took off around 7:30, and about midway home, we switched seats so he could drive us back since I had been driving all day. We got back about midnight, and just in time to avoid the rain and potential Hurricane (thankfully all we got was heavy rain) that was 2 days away. I also had a ton of movies on Netflix Instant I wanted to watch that were going to expire in several days. (Thanks again to the reliable Instant Watcher). I came back with a bunch of Punisher comics (I haven’t had a haul of comics, let alone Punisher comics in a long time) and a bunch of dvds. Including a still sealed copy of Citizen Kane, the excellent French action film The Nest, and the underrated film Phantoms.

It was a fun time, and Rolando and I have been talking about making a day trip to Corpus Christi since it’s only 2 hours away. This is also aside from the fact that Vanessa and I plan on taking a trip to San Antonio, this time to go to Six Flags/Fiesta Texas.  So of course more stories to tell!

Rene’s song of the day: “Ring Of Fire” by Johnny Cash.

Thanks for reading my blog and see you next time!