Portal 2 is putting a big emphasis on the co-op insanity, so it’s no surprise that the robot stars in the game are both featured in the box art. Is it as classy as the original’s simple, abstract art? Course not, but this one’s actually going to be a retail game that hits stores, after all. Gotta catch the eye!

As you might be able to tell, the two characters are modified robots from the first game. The portal-jumping P-body is a modified turret gun and Atlas on the bottom is a former personality core. Here’s a video introduction.


Both will butt heads with GLaDOS, who has reawakened despite death in the first game. She’s got a new series of test chambers to stick these two into and of course, plenty of passive-aggressive abuse. Expect her to try and pit one robot against the other with her verbal trickery.

Portal 2 will be released on April 20th in the US and on April 22nd in Europe for the PC, Mac, PS3, and Xbox 360.