Everyone loves Godzilla.   It’s just a fact of modern life, and I imagine we all want more Godzilla movies.

But after being burned so very badly by that one American reboot we won’t speak of, well, hope dimmed a long time ago.   When Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures announced they were remaking Godzilla, there was only a smattering of enthusiasm across the Internet.  We all remember how this played out before.

But today, THR’s Heat Vision broke some pretty awesome news:  Gareth Edwards, director of Monsters, will be helming the new Godzilla for Legendary and Warner Bros. He’s in final talks, and in the process of hiring a cowriter for the script.

This is actually really inspiring news.   Edwards’ Monsters was beautifully shot and the special effects were fantastic.  The final shot was actually a little sad in the way that all good monster movies should be.  I wasn’t a fan of the script or the characters, but hopefully a solid cowriter will iron those kinks out.

This new century needs a new Godzilla.  May this one honor the great lizard’s legacy and usher in my dream of a new Mothra movie.