is growing up. Tomorrow (Wednesday) we will be offline from 9am Eastern time as we port the old data into the new site and message boards.

Don’t fret. We’ve done it and tested it. It works. It’s astonishing. A lot of things that sucked won’t anymore. We’ve listened to your suggestions and you should be pretty thrilled.

  • Easier to find articles.
  • Great search.
  • One login to post on the MB, talkbacks, chatroom, and write blogs on the site.
  • A new feature rich community with Wiki’s, chatroom, and the ability to write reviews of every film, video game, and dvd’s out there.
  • A faster, cleaner site.
  • No talkback trolls.
  • A mobile version of the site.
  • Much more.

And of course all the brilliant dumb content you’ve grown to tolerate.

So bear with us as we give you tbe site you deserve. So, let’s hang out on CHUD’s Facebook page and shoot the shit. I’ll update you there.

Starting tomorrow you are going to be real happy to be a Chewer.