After Dark Originals has just released the first poster for Scream of the Banshee, their upcoming horror flick. Is the banshee blonde and bare-chested? Doubtful, but hey- sex sells.

The film was directed by Steven C. Miller (Automaton Transfusion) and stars Lauren Holly and Lance Henricksen. Holly plays a professor who unwittingly unleashes the banshee while putzing around in a University basement and opening up an ornate box. When she does, she (and a bunch of her students) hear the banshee’s horrifying scream and then it goes into Final Destination mode, picking them off one by one.

This is an original film from the geniuses behind the successful “take crappy DTV movies and release them theatrically under the guise of them being too extreme for theaters” festival, perhaps better known as the After Dark Horrorfest. After Dark Originals will be releasing Scream of the Banshee in a limited theatrical release alongside seven other films later this month. Check the official site for more, but as per usual with their festivals there’s not much info on them even though they’re mere weeks from release.