The Mechanic gives you something you haven’t seen before- Jason Statham shooting people!

you might expect from the poster, this isn’t the usual kind of
mechanic- here Statham plays Arthur Bishop, a killer-for-hire who
specializes in making murders look like accidental death. That all
changes when his mentor and father figure Harry (played by Donald
Sutherland) is murdered, and Bishop takes it upon himself to do a free
job to find those responsible. Things get a little more screwy when
Harry’s son Steve (Ben Foster) comes to Bishop hoping to help learn the
trade and also get his revenge. Bishop normally works alone but decides
to let him tag along so that he can explain to the audience in detail
how he does what he does.

This new red band trailer is very similar to the green band
trailer that was released with a resounding thud last November  but
with more violence, natch. Check it out via IGN’s embed below.

The Mechanic hits theaters January 28th.