Remember the other “friends with benefits” movie that’s not Friends with Benefits? Well,  Paramount wants you to remember. That’s why there’s a new red-band trailer for No Strings Attached.
In the film, Ashton Kutcher plays a jilted lover who finds out that his
ex is sleeping with his father (Kevin Kline!). Seeking solace, he goes
to his best friend, played by Natalie Portman, and proceed to become
friends with benefits. But will they be able to keep their sexual
feelings away from their romantic feelings? (POTENTIAL SPOILER: Probably

Why didn’t anyone tell me that Ivan Reitman is directing
this? Sure, his output as of late isn’t too prolific, but still. I think
this trailer is at the very least mildly entertaining and, call me a
middle-aged woman, but I’m kind of excited to see it. Kind of. I mean,
Ashton Kutcher isn’t the best actor, but…okay, I got nothing. I’m
still excited to see it, though.