Happy New Year, Los Angelenos.

Yesterday Damon shared the happy news about the New Beverly Cinema’s much anticipated The Wright Stuff 2. But that dreamy goodness is still eleven agonizing movie-less days away. Good news! Not only does the Cinefamily have the Los Angeles premiere of Dogtooth – which both Damon and I put on our Top 15 of 2010 lists – from Jan 7-13, but more pertinently…

This Friday (Jan 7) marks the official launch of Friday Night Frights, the new horror and gory genre cinema series that CHUD forum regular Sebastian O’Brien and I are co-hosting/co-programming at the Cinefamily the first and third Friday of every month, now until the sun goes red giant and envelopes the Earth. And kicking off our first evening will be the fantastically absurd and much anticipated horror-comedy Tucker & Dale vs Evil. (contest details below) If you’re unfamiliar with the film, check out Devin’s Sundance review to get the lowdown.

Tucker & Dale could not be a more appropriate opener for FNF. As even a casual horror fan knows, the current state of theatrically released horror is stagnant with remakes, sequels, and uninspired rip-offs of films that were uninspired to begin with. While original and fun films like Tucker & Dale – which has been an audience-loved star on the international festival circuit for over a year – languish with no theatrical distribution. FNF and the Cinefamily want to give you the chance to see movies like Tucker & Dale and our upcoming west coast premiere of the Hong Kong splatter-work Dream Home, as well as some less frequently screened blasts from the crypt, where they belong – up on the big screen, backed by a screaming, laughing, and groaning audience.

Tucker & Dale shows this Friday at midnight, with director Eli Craig in person to talk about the film (schedule permitting, as always). Get tickets here.

CONTEST: I am giving away two tickets (each with a +1). One of those lucky winners will also get a reserved couch (good for 2 people).

To enter the running just send an email to wormmiller@gmail.com with the subject line TUCKER AND DALE, and tell me your least favorite horror-comedy and why you hated it so much.

Hope to see everyone there.

Eli Craig