The film industry is big into franchises these days, so it’s no surprise that a talented writer-director like Edgar Wright would be tempted to return to the well of a previous success. And though we may yet see Shaun of the Dead Again, Hotter Fuzz, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Crime League or A Footful of Toes, right now Wright is busy getting together The Wright Stuff 2, a sequel to his 2007 film festival at the New Beverly. Currently, the guests are To Be Determined – but if it’s anything like last time, there will be a number of awesome cameos throughout.

Here’s the list of what’s coming (note, all shows start at 7:30):

Shaun of the Dead/Hot Fuzz/Scott Pilgrim versus the World

Brazil with Delicatessen

Dirty Harry with The Super Cops

American Graffiti with Animal House

Run Lola Run (Midnight only)

Frenzy with Dressed to Kill

The Driver with Duel

Wild at Heart with True Romance

The Wanderers with The Warriors

Thunderbolt and Lightfoot with Miami Blues

You can find out when Edgar is scheduled to appear at his website here, where he also offers his thoughts about the films he’s showing. I think my most anticipated is The Driver with Duel, as I’ve wanted to see The Driver on the big screen for a while now, though seeing Miami Blues theatrically  is a rare treat – it’s a film that is criminally underrated. But then The Wanderers/Warriors double feature is perfect, and the same could be said of Animal House with American Graffiti. Basically, if you’re a movie nerd it’s going to be hard not to be at the Bev for much of January.

It’s also good to check The New Beverly’s calendar here for updates on this and their future screenings (Von Sternberg double feature later this week!), but more importantly advanced tickets will go on sale there shortly. As all of the New Beverly’s midnight screenings of Scott Pilgrim have sold out, and every Scott Pilgrim screening has had a great guest list, you can bet a number of these screenings will sell out beforehand.

It’s also possible there will be a mystery picture or other surprises, so keep your eyes out. It’s also likely that I will go to a number of these screenings and write about them. At the last Wright Stuff festival, I got to take my picture with the Necronomicon, which is still one of my favorite pictures:

I hope to see some of you guys at the New Beverly soon.