Pixar doesn’t especially need that great a public relations unit, because their films sell themselves just by having the company logo appear somewhere on their movies’ advertising.  That’s not to say that they don’t already have a good PR group, though, because they do.  Still, it never hurts to recruit well to keep the talent level at its peak.  So Pixar might want to give some thought to giving aspiring Brazilian filmmaker Leandro Cooperfield a job.  Stat. 

Below is a clip edited by Copperfield from over 500 pieces of video he gathered while watching all of Pixar’s films over an 11-day span.  What he came up with is a delightful seven minute love letter to Pixar films.  He posted the original on Vimeo, which has since been taken down, but is available on YouTube (on a side note, his Vimeo avatar is great).  Check out The Beauty of Pixar below:

via THR’s Heat Vision