You know what pisses me completely off? When someone is really talented at something and then become well known because they [wisely probably] do something else that downplays that thing they’re great at. A good example is John Mayer. His voice and music style makes me want to body slam a Rabbi. Then you hear the guy on a guitar playing music that isn’t his own dogshit and you can almost hear Stevie Ray Vaughan ejaculating hammer-ons from Heaven in awe of the guy’s skill. He is phenomenal, even when he’s making horrible orgasm faces while he treats the axe like his little slut.

We all know that Just Bieber has the voice of an angel. And the hair of an asshole. What I didn’t know was that he can rip ass on the drums as well (just like CHUD savior in spirit His Excellency Dolph Lungren). It makes me long for an alternate history where a guidance counselor stepped in and said to the young man “would you rather be worth billions and have legions at your feet or be a part of the rhythm section of a band no one has ever heard of?” and influenced his career. Strictly for my grumpy old sake, really.

Justin Bieber isn’t for me, nor I for him. I am not his target audience. But the little clip for his new movie showcases just how much of a prodigy the kid is and I have no doubt he’s one of those savants who can weave wonders with just about any musical treat you lay before him. Which makes me want to hate him even more. But instead, here’s the link to the drum-centric teaser trailer for Bieber’s movie Never Say Never.