Universal’s home video division has just put Death Race 3 into
development, according to Moviehole.

If you’re wondering what happened to Death Race 2 (the stupidly-titled DTV prequel to Paul W.S. Anderson’s remake), well, it hasn’t even been released yet. Expect it in stores January 18th with a bunch of big-name cameos like Danny Trejo, Sean Bean and Ving Rhames.
There’s no word on what the timeline will be like for this third film- could it be sandwiched between the prequel and the first, or a continuation of what happens after Statham broke the system? More importantly- will anyone care? Not if there aren’t plenty of real car crashes and fake-breasted models, they won’t! Honestly, one of the only good things about this franchise continuing is the chance to see some authentic vehicular destruction. CGI has threatened to take away the sheer joy of watching thousands of pounds of metal smashing into each other from us in the last couple of decades, after all.

More as we hear it, but you’re most likely just better off picking up Death Race 2000 on Blu.