I’m anxious to see more from The Green Lantern.  I wasn’t completely sold on the trailer, but I’m dying for a DC space epic. The most exciting shot for me was the panoramic of the Green Lantern Corps (Kilowog!!), and offset the Tony Starkisms of Ryan Reynolds’ Hal Jordan.

As summer draws near (it is, after all, almost January), we should be seeing more tidbits about the weirder members of the Green Lantern Corps.  Today, we have a shot of Tomar-Re.

This comes from Comic Book Movie, and was probably scanned from something promotional.  He’ll probably look sharper than this in the finished film … but that’s certainly a finer rendering of the chicken-faced fellow that I would have expected. He has such nice eyes, too.

But if there’s one consistent complaint I have about all the Green Lantern designs so far, it’s those bizarre anorexic waists. Tomar-Re had a strange body shape, but when contrasted with Ryan Reynold’s CG bulimia, it’s a little troubling. (And nitpicky, yes.) I fully expect Kilowog to have a midsection so tiny that it puts Megan Fox’s corset to shame.

The photo is below.