In a potential case of “Oh Don Piano,” The Wrap reports that everyone’s favorite bomb squad tech Jeremy Renner has filmed a cameo appearance as Hawkeye for Kenneth Branagh’s Thor. According
to the article, a lucky viewer of an early cut of the film confirmed
the presence of Renner. The scooper neglected to mention if the part was
a glorified cameo or an integral part of the plot, just that Renner
happened to be in the film. Additionally, the same scooper says that
Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury was not in the final product.

makes this still just rumor are the sources that show Renner
flip-flopping on the issue. In the same Wrap article, Renner is shown to
have flip-flopped on if Hawkeye would actually show in the film. He
first alluded to the possibility, then later denied it. Whether it is
fact or fiction will remain to be seen when Thor opens in May. Personally, I just wanted to be able to use the phrase Oh Don Piano, but that’s not very professional to admit [Note from Nick: Hope it’s out of your system now].

the trailer, you automatically know that Marvel is building up the
movie-verse with Agent Coulson in the first minute of the trailer. As
much as I enjoyed Iron Man 2, I can’t help but agree with the criticisms that the movie felt too busy. Thor should
be an origin story if Marvel sticks to the money making template for
franchises, so hopefully we’ll be safe. Then again, if people forked
over $600 million worldwide for Iron Man 2 and no one really liked it, then why should Marvel care so long as we get The Avengers? More importantly, for those that know the Marvel-verse, what role would/could Hawkeye play in the movie?