I’m sure you’ve seen it already, but the video finally came to my
attention and I thought it warranted a place here. Ladies and gentlemen,
as collected by Pajiba, here are The
100 Greatest Movie Insults of All Time

My general and unordered thoughts:

  • I’m not really sure the Gone With the Wind line really counts
    as an insult, but it’s too much a classic to leave out.
  • I can’t believe I’d forgotten about the Monty Python line until they
    threw it in.
  • Similarly, the Princess Bride and Empire Strikes Back lines
    simply had to be included. At least they got those out of the way
  • Maybe it’s just because his best work was before my time, but I had
    no idea that Steve Martin had such a gift for put-down jokes.
  • I don’t remember that “jerk-off” insult from The Big Lebowski.
    Clearly, I need to see that movie again.
  • If Dodgeball has more great line deliveries like that from
    Rip Torn, then I really need to finish that damn movie.
  • I love Cartman’s style in that South Park clip.
  • As a forum moderator, I’m pleased and amazed that I don’t recall
    seeing that Billy Madison clip before. Given all the stupid shit
    that gets said online, the internet needs more of that particular
  • Not sure about that Casablanca line. I’m sure there must be a
    better insult somewhere in that movie.
  • I can’t believe that in all the history of the Marx Brothers, that Duck
    clip was the best they’ve got.
  • Great to see Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang getting some recognition.
    There’s a movie that needs more love.
  • Never got the point of that stupid line from Napoleon Dynamite.
    Hell, I never got the point of Napoleon Dynamite.
  • Thank you, Marcia Gay Harden, for that wonderful bit of despicable
    comedy relief in that bleak, bleak movie The Mist.
  • Ah-nuld, a sci-fi high concept and badass one-liners all collide to
    give us that little piece of awesome that was the 6th Day clip.
  • Can anyone do crazy like Gene Wilder can? I think not.
  • Not that Chevy Chase isn’t already doing a great job on Community,
    but I’d love to see him do something like his Christmas Vacation
    clip on the show.
  • In the Loop got multiple mentions, I see. Nice.
  • Another repeat performer is Gunnery Sergeant Hartman of Full
    Metal Jacket
    . Deservedly so, I think you’ll agree.
  • John Wayne gets multiple shots, just because he’s one of the
    all-time great badasses.
  • We also get a couple of insults from There Will Be Blood.
    Fitting, as that movie was basically about perhaps the greatest pwning
    ever portrayed on film.
  • But Les Grossman only gets one? There had to be at least two or
    three worthy entries from him in Tropic Thunder.