Noah Wyle really watched a lot of Christian Bale’s work. He’s got the scruff and the thousand mile stare. The hushed voice. And he walks upright. Bale does that. Which is where the comparisons end.

Sorry, Noah.

Falling Skies is an upcoming alien invasion story, whom if the marketing were to have its way, is written and produced and directed and scored and catered by and starring Steven Spielberg. Actually, he’s one of many producers (including Robert Rodat and Graham Yost among others), but it’s coasting on the bearded genii’s impressive alien visitor pedigree and why not? He’s only made three distinctly great movies involving aliens (and A.I. feels like an alien movie even though it isn’t). But when you strip away the brand recognition, Falling Skies comes across as a very well produced bit of entertainment that echoes elements from V, War of the Worlds, and even a little of Terminator: Salvation (featuring the hilariously named Moon Bloodgood, who brings her chops to this party).

Plus, I mean let’s not forget Skyline.

It looks like it could be a fun time when it hits TNT in June of 2011. Here’s a tease courtesy of The New York Post. because why not?

Learn more at the official site. Finally, a comic book tie in for a genre show needing to spruce up its mythology!