What is this? It’s the Graboid Apocalypse, the event that closes out the Graboid for 2010.  And closes it out with a BANG.  Kind of a bummer that it happens on Christmas, but hey, it’s a simple fact that some Christmases are just better than others. 

Every single day of the week (almost) all year, a new Graboid,
a single moment grabbed from a random movie, appeared on this site for
you to try to guess the name of the film, share with your officemates, or
discuss on our message boards. Sometimes the
was very easy and sometimes it was as obscure as obscure got.

The Graboid is a game: all of you against the image.  It has its regular players, guys who down coffee, red bull and various pharmaceuticals 24/7 waiting for the next installment.  They spring on it like a pack of wolves, trying to get the answer before their bleary-eyed colleagues.  Then there’s the occasional slob who’ll slip in from nowhere and snatch the answer right out from under them.  The reward was bragging rights for the day and a picture of a hot chick from the movie they just guessed. 

What you may or may not know is that we’ve kept track of who’s successfully taken down the most Graboids.  Those guys, a select few notables in particular, have been striving all year for this moment, when we tally the scores and award the prestige due to them (’cause prestige is about all that’s in the Graboid budget…if it had a budget).  Burt Gummer can’t even begin to touch these guys when it comes to bagging Graboids.

Now the Graboids are pissed and 100 of them have shown up below looking for payback.  Just four of these practically wiped out Perfection Valley.  A c-note could very well kill everything on the site.  So grab your elephant gun and your homemade bombs and get to whacking worms, because it’s kill or be killed.  We’ll count the bodies, human and Graboid, along the way and see who’s left standing – or slithering – at the end of the day.  Check out the Graboid Thread for continuing updates throughout the day.  There’s going to be a shload of them. 

The totals will be counted and revealed at the 2010 Grabby Awards, starting tomorrow. 

Talkbackers: make sure to include time (and time zone) of your guess to get your due
credit.  You’re competing against those message boards guys and they’re rabid.  Rabid, I tell ya.

Regardless of who survives, we at CHUD wish all of you very Happy Holidays…and good medical insurance…

P.S. Many thanks to Mr. Cellophane, who contributed 24% of this collection, and to Patrick Ripoll, who did…well… he did 4%.  But we thank him too.  Just…not quite as much as Cellophane ’cause, well, shit, do the math…. 


1: A Scanner Darkly: Dross

2: Star Trek III: The Search for Spock: Hammerhead

3: The Three Musketeers: Walter The Einstein Frog

4: The A-Team: TheMati (TB)

5: Barry Munday: Tati

6: The Mummy: None

7: Sahara: Jexxon

8: Kingdom of Heaven: Princess Kate

9: Man On Fire: Tati

10: Shakespeare in Love: Tati

11: Scorpion King: TheMati (TB)

12: Down With Love: Jexxon

13: Centurion: Tati

14: Get Smart: Teitr Styrr

15: The Mummy Returns: Teitr Styrr

16: Karas The Revelation: None

17: Chicago: Mr. Cellophane

18: The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor: Teitr Styrr

19: Alexander: Tati

20: Seven: Walter The Einstein Frog

21: Terminator: Walter The Einstein Frog

22: Monsters: Teitr Styrr

23: The American President: Walter The Einstein Frog

24: The Blind Side: Mr. Cellophane

25: Wanted: None

26: Burn After Reading: Mr. Cellophane

27: Coraline: Hammerhead

28: Oxford Murders: Teitr Styrr

29: Nights in Rodanthe: Tati

30: Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps: Walter The Einstein Frog

31: Sex and the City: Teitr Styrr

32: Supernova: RCA

33: Synecdoche, NY: Captain Beefcasserole (TB)

34: I’m Still Here: Hammerhead

35: Invictus: None

36: The Honeymooners: None

37: Scarface: Walter The Einstein Frog

38: KPAX: Walter The Einstein Frog

39: Indecent Proposal: Walter The Einstein Frog

40: Mr. & Mrs. Smith: Walter The Einstein Frog

41: In Bruges: Teitr Styrr

42: Funny People: None

43: Wonder Boys: None

44: Peter Pan 2004: TheMati (TB)

45: Rush Hour 2: Teitr Styrr

46: Dirty Work: TheMati (TB)

47: Lost In Translation: Walter The Einstein Frog

48: In The Loop: None

49: Deathtrap: None

50: Duplicity: Tati

51: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off: Teitr Styrr

52: House of Sand and Fog: None

53: Spiral: None

54: Candyman: Teitr Styrr

55: Undertow: None

56: Hard Eight: None

57: Red Belt: None

58: The Producers: Jexxon

59: That Thing You Do!: Walter The Einstein Frog

60: The Graduate: Hammerhead

61: The Informant: Tati

62: An American Werewolf In London: Walter The Einstein Frog

63: Constantine: Tati

64: Mean Girls: Teitr Styrr

65: Observe and Report: None

66: Troop Beverly Hills: Walter The Einstein Frog

67: War of the Roses: None

68: Elizabethtown: TheMati (TB)

69: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind: Captain Beefcasserole (TB)

70: Hatchet: None

71: I Heart Huckabees: None

72: Intolerable Cruelty: TheMati (TB)

73: Big Business: None

74: Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story: None

75: Con Air: Walter The Einstein Frog

76: Armageddon: Tati

77: The Condemned: None

78: War: Walter The Einstein Frog

79: Universal Soldier: Walter The Einstein Frog

80: Replicant: Teitr Styrr

81: See No Evil: XxExVxRx

82: Fantastic Four: Tati

83: Casino Royale: TheMati (TB)

84: The Holiday: Dross

85: The Pursuit of Happyness: Walter The Einstein Frog

86: The Living Daylights: Tati

87: Enemy of the State: Walter The Einstein Frog

88: Night at the Museum: Mr. Cellophane

89: True Lies: Barkatthemoon

90: Radio: Walter The Einstein Frog

91: S.W.A.T.: Walter The Einstein Frog

92: Gothika: Tati

93: Transporter 3: Tati

94: Bangkok Dangerous: Michael (TB)

95: V For Vendetta: Mr. Cellophane

96: X-Men: The Last Stand: Walter The Einstein Frog

97: Thank You For Smoking: Teitr Styrr

98: Bad Boys II: TheMati (TB)

99: Punisher War Zone: Walter The Einstein Frog

100: Crank: High Voltage TheMati (TB)