So here’s the site I’ve been warning you about. It’s one that is going to be a very different experience than Much more broad. Much more polished. Much more diverse. Much whiter! In many ways a true online magazine (especially when you see the layout). I have been given the keys to build a very cool place with a very juicy domain and we have been digging around trying to find interesting people to help make it a really great destination that isn’t a men’s site, at least not in the sense we’re all used to. It’s smart. It’s funny. It doesn’t take itself too seriously. It embodies the notion that regardless of who you are you’re just one of the guys. Regardless of your sex, shape, and origin story. We’re multi-facted creatures, humans.

Men’s sites annoy the shit out of me, selling an image that isn’t real. We’re a person’s site. You’ll see beautiful bodies from time to time. You’ll see chrome. But you’ll see a lot lot more that has never been seen on a site like this.

Here’s the basic gist per Andrea Rothe, our editor. is the place that helps you to become a better guy. But this isn’t simply another comfortable spot for men to scratch and talk about man things. We believe our reader should be better than that, and in fact, we believe that whether you’re a guy or girl, we’re all just guys. is built to be your lounge–a hangout packed full of all the stuff you need to expand your world, your conversations and your experiences.  We like to uncover the best things in life, and although we may not all agree on what’s great and what’s not, we hope you’ll join in on the conversation. You go there to find the best suggestion for something you haven’t tried yet, or to learn more about a hobby or a vice in a place where you’re not going to get overwhelmed or talked down to. In fact, we hope you laugh a lot, because like CHUD, we refuse to take things too seriously. We’re your guide to becoming the Renaissance guy or gal you’ve always wished you could be, but we understand that you’re a real person.

Our mission is threefold: Inform. Inspire. Mentor. With content aimed primarily toward 21-39 year-olds we’re taking an entertaining approach to helping our readers develop their tastes and wisely explore their curiosities at a time in life when they are more likely to experiment and adopt new things. We cover everything from sex to gourmet potato chips to cigars. We offer “edutainment” while we mentor you and give you the information you need to build your discernment in everything from whiskey to music to choosing your next video game when you’re on a budget. We’ll answer things like what’s so great about caviar or brussels sprouts in the Give It a Chance column; learn how to cut a cigar in our Cigar 101 column; drool over some old Commodore 64 games or an ancient Monopoly board game in Guy’s Gone Retro, our retro gaming column; smirk over unceremonious coverage of sex toys in the You Don’t Need It column; and watch us test a typewriter vs. a keyboard in our Five Point Inspection column; what drinks do you need to avoid at the bar? Read Unhappy Hour.

Here’s what Renn Brown, the dude making it a haven for moving images has to say:

Expect to see a lot of moving pictures on, a place where video will be used to find new ways to look at people, places, products, and principles. What better way to discover previously unseen attributes of things than to shove a camera in, on, and around them? Like the rest of, the video side will take an unceremonious, informal approach to being informative. We’ll always seek to improve the sophistication and beauty of the photography itself, regardless of the seriousness or silliness of the content.

What topics will see a video presence on Any and all. Product reviews, “Guy’s Guides,” interviews, and location spotlights are just a few of the kinds of videos you an expect to see. Each will have their own flavor, but each will seek to provide a little bit of guidance for men and women alike towards being more interesting creatures of the earth.

I am very excited about and what it’ll bring to the internet. It’ll be a wonderful new companion site to CHUD but one that has the potential to reach much deeper into the populace. We have a very fancy mobile app launching in spring. We have an office with real chairs and people pulling very long hours (for CHUD & GUY) to make both places the best they can be. The new CHUD launches January 6th and a few weeks later. Folks, we are not fucking around. I’ve launched some half-cooked sites before. This ain’t one of them. We have a prestigious design firm building the shit out of it. We have hundreds of hours of work already invested into the brand, the concept, the focus, the mechanics, the community. It’s going to be big.

Hell, we may even throw a big party to celebrate.

As we gear up for launch, we’re still looking for folks to help us out. Copy editors. Contributors (got a weird subject you want to write about?). People who can spread the word. All sorts of stuff. If you have the time, the ability, and the desire to be a part of this, pop Andrea an email and let her know. Who knows what might come out of it?

In the meantime, hang tight. There’s more to come and I might pull a few of you folks out from Cyberspace to help us beta test it next week.

If you could, latch on to our Twitter Page and help us launch with aplomb.

The site arrives in late January.