Zeno Clash is a fresh and inventive game, one that easily cemented developer Ace Team as one to watch. Their latest title, Rock of Ages, looks like it could be their big breakthrough into the mainstream.

The concept of the game is simple as can be- you’re rolling a giant boulder down a hill onto your foes, who have set up various defenses along the way. Of course, you have tons of different power-ups to utilize, foes to face, and even giant bosses to fight. The Monty Python-esque art style and humor only adds to the experience.

Publisher ATLUS (they of Demon’s Souls and Persona) have sent along these new screenshots, which show just how pretty this damn game is.

Ace Team has released a new blog that examines each of the five time periods that the game will take place in. The game’s art style is certainly one of its biggest draws, so here you can see where the influences came from. It’s a great read, so definitely head over there to see how they chose the various styles the game uses.

A Steam group for the game has also gone up already with a little incentive- ten members will be chosen at random to win a copy of Zeno Clash.

Here are the latest Rock of Ages trailers for your viewing pleasure! Hopefully they’ll tide you over till the game’s release next Spring.