A demo for Dead Space 2 is currently up for Xbox 360 (and is on the way for PS3 tonight), and it’s good to have the game back. This is the lengthy E3 demo that gamers were recently treated to at the New York Comic Con which contains a good-sized chunk of exploration and action. It brings you up to speed on the story quickly and wastes no time introducing you to a few new weapons and challenges that you’ll face in the game. Plus, the new free-roaming zero-gravity mode!

They’ve also released this new action-packed “Emergency” trailer, check it out.

If you’re rusty on the game (and likely you are- it has been a while since Dead Space, after all), you’re in for a challenge. The demo thrusts you right into the action and there’s a good chance if you don’t remember all your tricks, like stasis and secondary fire, you’ll quickly end up dismembered. Visceral Games put together this little video to show you some tips and tricks.

Dead Space 2 hits stores January 25th.