I was initially hesitant to run the High on Crack Street: Lost Lives in
embed that’s been spreading around, simply because I wasn’t
familiar with the service SnagFilm, and wasn’t sure the upload of the
documentary was legitimate. After a little investigation, it appears the
service is on the up-and-up and that it wouldn’t be particularly
terrorist of me to embed the following widget that can take you to the
full length documentary.

more importantly, why do you give a shit about High on Crack Street:
Lost Lives in Lowell
? Well aside from having the title of a Tyrone
Biggums film, the documentary is actually the piece produced for HBO
that David O. Russell’s The Fighter centers around for much of its
runtime. An expose on the toll crack has taken on Lowell, Massachusetts,
one of the subjects is none other than Dicky Ward, played by Christian
Bale in the film about the boxing Ward brothers.

there are some inherent *spoiler alert* considerations if you’re going
to watch this without having seen The Fighter, but that film isn’t
particularly hung up on plot twists or surprises, so you’d have to be
very hypersensitive for it to matter.

of The Fighter takes place with HBO cameramen in the background, so
it’s interesting to see the legitimate source material for that
sub-plot. It demonstrates how excellent of a job the filmmakers did when
replicating the look and feel of the documentary in the film, as well
as the fidelity they maintained to who these people are. O. Russell’s movie is ultimately a feel good experience, but there’s a lot of darkness and pain driving the story that’s explored here. You can also
get a nice educational slap in the face if you were considering crack
use anytime soon. Watch it with the kids.

Warning: there are some nightmarish people in this documentary. As Nick and I will discuss further in our upcoming Tag-Team Review, Lowell is home to some people with unfortunate visages. What I mean to say is that some of these people look like dick and will make your dreams fill with hellish images. Beware.