So there’s a new green band trailer for Your Highness from the minds behind Pineapple Express and Observe and Report. While there’s not much new here, there are a couple new shots and whatnot.

I mainly just wanted to talk about how I am simply amazed that David Gordon Green and crew are getting away with this. It’s an R-rated fantasy comedy starring a whole bunch of people that aren’t box office draws. I am really excited for this film simply because the scope is so incredibly large for something that will most likely be incredibly niche. It would be stellar if it exploded the same way the Apatow gang did back in 2005, but I honestly can’t see that happening. Universal might not be earning its returns at the box office due to films like Scott Pilgrim playing to a similar niche audience, but you can’t fault the studio for making some super ambitious films.

Command yourself to watch a slightly more clothed Natalie Portman over at Apple.