It’s been a big year of transition and change for CHUD, and if you’ve been keeping track you know that some of the biggest changes are still ahead. 2011 looks to be a banner year for CHUD, but before it begins we’d like to hear from our readers (the best on the web!) and find out what we should be doing more of. Despite the weak slate of films, we’ve done our best to give you the most fun and thoughtful news coverage, reviews, interviews, set visits, contests, lists, DVD reviews and editorials possible and we want to know what you’ve enjoyed and responded to the most!

In a week or two (timed with the very end of December, or the very beginning of January, depending on the response) I’ll be posting a big beautiful list of YOUR favorite CHUD content from 2010. It will be arranged and formatted to cover every nook and cranny of the site, and feature everything from the smallest single jokes, to the most large scale routine features. These can be submitted by anyone, and they can truly cover anything that has appeared on the site in 2010, with off-the-wall nominations welcome and encouraged! I’ll provide a guide for submissions as well as tips on finding the pieces you remember, or exploring the stuff you don’t below.

I’m not interested in just creating a giant, self-congratulatory sloppy blowjob for CHUD- this is an opportunity for you to really communicate what you enjoy about the site, and therefore, what we should focus on as we continue in the future. If you’ve ever really enjoyed a feature but didn’t think to comment or critique, now’s the time to tell us where you would like us to go. Naturally this isn’t going to dictate our every move as we go forward, but it can be a big influence as we decide how and where to allocate precious time and energy (and fluids).

Finally, we also want to showcase the great message board posters, bloggers, and even commenters that help make this such a great environment in which to discuss movies and other business. Make sure you remember them when sending in your thoughts.

To submit is extremely simple. Just email me your nominations via


and make sure the subject stays “BestOfCHUD2010”.

I’ll also have a dedicated Message Board thread, and will pull from the comment section as well. So what I’m looking for? Any or all of the following:

Your favorite…

• Piece of News Coverage
• Movie of the Day
• “What I’m Thankful For…” Entry
• Editorial (Steady Leak, Horror 101, Videodrome)
Special Edition
• Best Overall List / Best Entry
Video Game Review
• Best New Feature (MOD, DVD War, Horror 101, This Day In Movies, Late to the Party, Thankful, Don’t Call It Noise, Saturday Morning, etc)
• Best Overall Feature
• Best Box Office Article
• Best Blog Post (Check out the Friday Blogger Spotlights)

Those are the standard choices, but I want weird shit as well!

It could be the best individual joke, GIF from a list or review, a List Of Dumb Pic, Uncle Mitch joke, Graboid, CHUD Man, message board Post, staff Twitter post, DSV, Article Graphic, or really, anything you want to highlight.

Anything, and as few or as many suggestions as you care to send, I’ll take. We’re definitely looking for creative suggestions, and if you need a little help looking for a specific piece I would suggest using the Google modifier “ search” with your search term, or just digging through the various sections.

It’s always preferable that you include links, and organize it in a way that makes sense, but if you really just can’t find something that you remember, you’re welcome to give me your best recollection of the piece, along with who wrote it, etc. and I’ll do what I can to dig it up.

I’ll be accepting submissions for at least a week, and we’ll be keeping this on the main page and pushing it where it makes sense. Send away!


NOTE: I’ll be periodically curating the comments so they might actually be useful for anyone who wants to contribute. You’re welcome to call me a twat elsewhere.