Rogue just sent over word of their new film Limitless, which stars Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro. The gimmick is thus- Cooper plays an unsuccessful writer who is offered a pill that makes him smart, turning him into the perfect version of himself. Rather than using the 20% of our brains that we normally use his synapses are firing in places our brains haven’t even HEARD of. Course it’s not easy to just become perfect and rich and get women, there’s always a catch.
There’s a new trailer out for the film, but it’s one of those horrible ones that gives away every plot twist so if you want to go into this one blind, stay away. If you want to giggle when Cooper tells De Niro how many scenarios ahead of him he really is, brave on.

The one big thing that should make you irritated here is that the film propagates that ridiculous myth that we only use a small percentage of our brains. It’s simply not true. Sorry, dummies, your brain is operating at full capacity. But it’s amusing to note that it takes Cooper 100% of his brain to think to shave, or change his clothes.

Anyway, Limitless hits theaters March 18th.