Now is the murky time of year when the excitement of 2010 is spent, and we began feverishly anticipating 2011.  We’ve had a good run of trailers the past few weeks, but I think Hanna might just take the cake. And your eyes and spleen.

Hanna follows the titular character. Trained to be an icy killer by her father (Eric Bana), Hanna is sent out on her first mission … and will discover just who made her, and for what awful purpose.

It’s been called Joe Wright’s Leon, but the trailer released by Yahoo! Movies suggests Hanna is Leon with more creepiness and camp. There’s a dash of Hit Girl to this, a bit of Rocky IV for color, and a Bizarro World Hilary Clinton as the villainness just for extra spice.

I think this just jumped over Sucker Punch on the “most anticipated 2011 release” list.  It’s going to be a good season for lethal ladies.