Christmas came early, folks! Telltale Games just announced today that the first episode of Back to the Future: The Game will hit this Wednesday for PC and Mac. The PSN and iPad will get it early 2011.

Entitled “It’s About Time”, it will pick up after the events of the third movie, where Doc has gone missing. You can still preorder through Telltale to get the series at a cheaper price, as well as a free copy of the excellent Puzzle Agent.

They’ve also just released this trailer that brings you up to speed (sorry) on the story behind the game, and the names of all of the upcoming episodes. Remember- this is only the first of five episodes, with one new episode almost every month afterwards.

Now while I’m a bit of a Telltale fanboy (I took advantage of their holiday sale to get a Tales from Monkey Island mug and a Sam and Max hat, which I will use and wear proudly) it’s hard to see how any fan of Back to the Future wouldn’t be ecstatic about this game. Story and humor is king for the company and it’s great to be getting new adventures from these much-loved characters in this form.

Expect a review as soon as possible!