Pixar tweets are a’ flying and they seem to indicate that Cars 2 will play host to a pre-show short that gives Barbie and Ken, united in Toy Story 3, their own little epilogue. The short, entitled Hawaii, has been playing for VIPs at Pixar, including an animator named Floyd Norman
who confirms the basic plot of the short. He was quick to amend that he
has no idea what the short will be attached to, and there has been
confirmation of a whole series of Toy Story shorts being produced, so there’s no guarantee that this is the short that you’ll see in theaters next year. That said, Toy Story 3 director Lee Unkrich has stated (also via twitter) that it will be a Toy Story short in front of Cars 2, so if Hawaii is far enough along to be screened at this point, that make it a likely candidate, at the very least.

Toy Story 3
managed to cap off the trilogy with a film that is arguably as good as
any of them, and certainly worthy of the franchise at the very least.
There’s nothing wrong with a well done short (which Pixar certainly
excels at), and I’d much rather see a series of mini-films than the
franchise pushed one movie too far. All things being equal though, I’d
much rather see the up-and-comers at Pixar being able to experiment with
cute, clever, and unconventional ideas instead of throwbacks to a
completed story. I don’t know how many of these small Toy Story epilogues they intend on producing or how they’ll all be distributed, especially considering they’ve already released their packed Blu-ray, but I hope we’re not inundated with them in places where original ideas could flourish.

(via Stitch Kingdom)