‘Sup bitches!

This is my super drunk new blog. I know I have previously stated that I am sans alcohol. But that is no more. At least for today. Today only. And not tomorrow. For I will tell you why later. Just know that for now, that I am super wasted. And I know that the lamest peoples are the ones who says they are drunk. And yet I ams drunk. So here I be. Take me as I am. Catch me (I’m falling) like Pretty Poison. The One-Hit Wonder of the Hiding Out soundtrack.

So tomorrow, I am starting a water fast. It will last until the second of august. For those unaware, a water fast is a diet subsisting solely of water. I know the health risks. I know the Wang Chung songs. Whatever the cost, I am doing it. Will you follow me until August? I do not know. All I know is that I am currently drunk on a combination of sangria and rum. And I know that talkative “I’m so drunk!” drunks are the worst kind. Fuck off! And that applies to the “limited profantity” rule too. That shouldn’t be in quotes.

Anywho, look forward to my next post about Crank 2! It’s Crank-tastic! And I swear I’ll be less drunk for it (that sentence took me twenty minutes to write due to momentary [aka nightly] relapse. Viva la revolucion!!!!!