It seems like lately whenever I take a short break away from doing news for the site, there’s a Green Hornet news item waiting for me upon my return, or one to send me off on said break, as this poster did right before Thanksgiving.  There have been a couple of one sheets to come out, both domestically and abroad, including this one a while back.  Now there’s yet another that’s emerged, over at IGN, which we have below.   Although painfully on the plain side, it kind of looks like a frontal view of that first poster. 

Anyway, if the film fails, it won’t be due to lack of marketing.  Trailers and images have been coming out steadily for a while now, including the 50 or so snaps also over at IGN.  Hell, Hornet and Kato even blew up a Carl’s Jr. recently.  So feel free to soak in this poster until the next comes, which should be any minute now.  Green Hornet opens on January 14th.

Thanks to Brian for the tip.