There is no way this is real. I mean, Michael Cera has said that he felt they’d be shooting an Arrested Development movie in 2011 and series creator Mitchell Hurwitz said that the script was “half done” in August… but really, come on. There’s no way, right? This is one of those projects that are supposed to keep the spit ducts of fans grinding but not a movie that’ll ever happen. It can’t. It makes too much damn sense.

Jeremy Butler, in addition to being a gentleman and a Yankees fan as well as a major part of this site’s daily life, is a news finder. He found this (image excerpted above) and sent it to us. An image that is supposedly a teaser for the upcoming Arrested Development movie. Something supposedly legitimized by the fact someone found it on IMDB (I couldn’t find it). Highly suspect. But borderline cool, so why not share it on CHUD?

Be skeptical. be very skeptical. But it’s fun for the watercooler discussion, provided you work with people that watch cool shows and not dogshit like Big Bang Theory.

My messy reviews of Seasons 1 and 2 from 2004 and 2005. A couple of decent captions at least.