The reaction to the initial teaser for Paul was quite measured around these parts. I think the poster actually proved a little more popular than the footage.   But hey, skepticism is good.  You shouldn’t shamelessly sell yourself to a property, even one written by Nick Frost and Simon Pegg.

Will the first official trailer change your mind?  It’s out now, courtesy of Yahoo UK, who unfortunately doesn’t share their embeds.

I’m still charmed by the “we’re just a normal family with a small cowboy” scene, and Paul’s squishy eyes.  I dig the Starman and E.T. references.  I know they loaded it up with homages as part of the actual plot (as in, they actually play into a bigger picture, not just as a wink-nudge) and little glimpses continue to make me excited for what we’re not seeing. 

However, I can’t say a lot of the new footage has me super excited. It looks like the CG wrinkles may have been smoothed out of Paul, but I think picking Seth Rogen to voice him is just too much.  It drags you out of the character.   And if alien butts and penises are the extent of the rough humor, well, that will be a disappointment.

But unless really really awful reviews pour in, I’m not sure there’s any way I can say no to Frost or Pegg, especially if they have the adorable Kristen Wiig with them.  Paul still has my interest, for better or worse.

Watch the trailer on Yahoo UK!, and then come back to tell us what you think.