Alfonso Cuaron’s latest project Gravity has run the gamut of talent in terms of casting rumors. It seems like every single person in Hollywood attached to it at one point or another. One name that is confirmed to star in the sci-fi thriller is George Clooney, replacing former lead Robert Downey Jr., who left the project last November after production started to gather up steam.

The film itself is about a female astronaut who, after surviving a catastrophic accident in space, tries desperately to survive and return to Earth. Clooney will play a fellow astronaut who manages to survive the same disaster as the still un-cast lead astronaut. The Hollywood Reporter says that, while the character Clooney will play doesn’t carry the movie, he is still pivotal for the first act.

I’m excited to see Clooney take over the reigns from RDJ, but I can’t help but feel that the role just won’t have the same energy of Downey’s recent filmography. Not to knock Clooney’s performance before the film has even started, as I’m legitimately excited to see his work in the movie, but it’s just going to have a different dynamic. It’ll always be an interesting what-if scenario at the very least. Thoughts?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter